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Team Biographies

Jacob "Jake" Nelson

Age: 15 years old
Classification: Nationally Distinguished Master

School: Sophmore at Escondido Adventist Academy

Hometown: Escondido, CA

Interests: Shooting, Listening to music and Woodshop

Josh Bick

Age: 16
Classification: Expert
School: Junior at Connections Academy of Visual and Performing Arts with Summerville High School District

I play the Saxophone for the Orange Crush Band, and take AP & advanced courses in History & Automotive Mechanics. I plan to go to college to obtain a degree in mechanical engineering so I can achieve my dream of being a weapons engineer.

Peter Tidball

Age: 16
Classification: Expert
Hometown: Jamestown, CA
School: Junior at Sonora High School

I plan on following my goal of becoming a high master before I leave Junior status. In addition to the team, I participate heavily in 4-H and also am an avid hunter.

Harry Swift

Age: 16

Classification: Expert

Hometown: El Sobrante, CA

School: Junior at De Anza High School

Interests: High power rifle, hunting, boxing,& video games

Forrest Greenwood

Age: 17
Classification: Nationally Distinguished Master

Hometown: Ceres, CA

Interests: I started the junior program at Modesto Rifle Club when I was eight. I graduated the Winchester/ NRA Qualification program in January of 2011 as a distinguished expert. I still enjoy doing my smallbore competitions and I have started to shoot the outdoor smallbore and have done very well in that. I also enjoy hunting in California and out of state, especially antelope in Montana with my dad and our friends.

Jake Kulik

Age: 17
Classification: Expert
Hometown: Mi Wuk Village, CA

I am a Senior at Summerville Union High School. Besides the Grizzlies I am currently in the school's cross country team. I enjoy many things outdoors including hiking, fishing, bike riding and camping. My future goals for shooting include earning my Master card before next years National Matches. My future goals after shooting is to go to college to get a degree in both Criminal Justice and Political Science.

Morgan William Owen

Age: 17
Classification: Nationally Distinguished Master
Hometown: Sonora

School: A senior at Summerville High School

I am a senior at Summerville High School & next school year plan on attending University of California, Davis. I enjoy running cross country in the Sierra Nevada & am always finding new ways to improve in high power shooting.

Goals: I am training to compete in the 2014 National Matches in Ohio. I plan on winning overall junior and placing in the Presidents Hundred.

Achievements: National sub-junior champion, and various other trophies at Camp Perry over the past few years.

Sophie Christensen

Age: 18

Classification: Expert

I am a freshman attending California State University Fresno to pursue a degree in Biology. Shooting has become a passion of mine. My goals include: to become a distinguished rifleman, to become a high master, & to place in the President's 100. Outside of shooting, I enjoy reading & writing, spending time with family & friends, & many different kinds of sports & outdoor activities. I am very excited for next year's nationals, & would like to thank everyone who helped me become the shooter I am today.

Sean Depolo

Age: 18

Classification: Expert

Hometown: Escondido, CA

I'm a bioengineer with a regents and chancellors scholarship at University of California Berkeley & I want to either go to medical school for cardiac surgery or join the military and a medical team.

I intend to do archery, Ballroom dancing, Fencing, A cybersecurity club & an engineering honors society. I want to start a shooting club at school.

Kasey Nelson

Age: 19
Classification:Nationally Distinguished Master
Hometown: Escondido
School: Sophmore at Palomar College. My major is in Nursing and my overall goal is a 4 year degree and then get another 2 year degree to specialize. My other goal is to get my High Master card.
Interests: Shooting, art, tattooing, camping, biology, anatomy. I also like outdoor activities and trying new things.

Hollie Swenson

Age: 19
Hometown: Mi Wuk Village
Classification: Master

I would like to make the A team for Rattle Battle & make the Six-Man team at Nationals. This year is going to be my last year on the Jr. Team and I hope to go out with a BANG (No punt intended......Okay, yeah it was intended). ^_^

My Interests: I have always enjoyed shooting since my sisters & I started shooting in the .22 Program at our range in Jamestown through 4-H. I also love playing soccer & I hope to continue that as well. I have taken some Culinary classes at Columbia College and hope to become a Pastry Chef.

Lane Ichord

Age: 19
Classification: Nationally Distinguished Master
Hometown: Waterford, CA

I am going to Merced College to get a business degree & am thinking about the AMU. I want to go to Gunsmithing school afterwards.

Dylan Lyons

Age: 19
Classification: Master

Apprentice specialty cabinet maker

Robert Taylor II

Hometown: Jamestown, CA

State Coach, Former Grizzlie, and Nationally Distinguished High Master

Numerous awards nationally

Ed & Samantha Taylor

Coaches & Former Grizzlies-Both Nationally Distinguished, High Master & Master Respectively, both with numerous awards Nationally. Married almost 9 years, Ed is a Quality Assurance Engineer and Samantha is a homemaker and teacher to their two children, Austin 7 and Hannah 5. Their interests include biking, baseball, hunting, camping, shooting and most anything outdoor related.

John Henderson

Junior Team Armourer, Nationally Distinguished Master, one time Presidents 100 (#85) & hope to improve on that next year

I have been working with, customizing, assembling & competing with the AR-15 rifle since 1979! For a few years I even co-owned a shop that built custom AR's & shipped all over the country. My first few builds were for varmint hunting & involved machining off handle to mount scopes for shooting ground squirrels. Then a few years later I was making parts for ARs to make them into match rifles in the early 90's.

My son was on the Grizzlies involving me that much more with the team. The AR is the perfect rifle for a Junior team, easy to work on & maintain. In 2005 I went to Perry with my M-1A. I love the old wood stocked rifles & shoot them in CMP matches, but for the kids there is no way you could have a team of this depth with .30 cal Rifles. I switched to the little A2 & my scores went up & up the more I shot & tested, the more I proved to myself that this AR was the way to go, Bullet Button and all.

I am so proud of the Grizzlies & the Adults the program turns out, the AR-15 rifle is the conduit to the team's performance. I assemble parts, diagnose troubles, change barrels & do what I can to help the Juniors with their rifles, but the bottom line is they have to care & maintain the rifle they compete with. I am an armorer for the team & do not consider myself a Gun Smith. A Gun Smith can make parts from scratch & operate a variety of machine shop tools. I Change a lot of parts, order parts & identify when things are worn-out.

Lynn R. Bahten

Hometown: Jamestown
Classification: Den Mom!

7th year at perry as team mom


Other Info: "It is my pleasure to work with and to help these young adults. It is great to watch them grow with each year. They are our future, we all need to do what we can to help them grow up to be smart, responsible adults."

Connie Taylor

Hometown: Sonora, CA

17th year at the National Matches

Interests: I enjoy my grandchildren that I don’t see often enough and working with all the juniors involved in the junior program.  I have been involved with the juniors for atleast 17 years + now since my own sons were juniors in the program.  It would be wonderful to still be involved having my grandchildren involved in the program as well.  There are so many fine young adults who have evolved out of this program.

Goals: To see that everything and everyone is taken care of so they might better be able to focus on shooting the best they can. To see that these young people turn in to the best adults they can be when they come out of the program, both on and off the range since they are our future.

Other Info: We have seen young adults go from the Grizzlies team in to the Citadel, AMU, Air Force Academy, and Annapolis. Many have a goal of getting in to law enforcement or just helping to coach other youth new in to the shooting program.  Each one is as important as the other.

Wanda Greenwood

Hometown: Ceres, CA

She is a big supporter and team mom of the Grizzlies. She just spent her 3rd year at the Nationals helping take care of the juniors.

Former Grizzlies

Hugh "Conar" Braly

Age: 17
Hometown: Copperopolis, CA

Classification: Master

I graduated High School this past spring and am leaving for the Navy in December to become a nuclear tech in their aerospace engineering program in South Carolina and hope to be accepted in to Annapolis.

Sagen Maddalena

Classification: High Master/Distinguished Rifleman
Age: 20
Hometown: Groveland, CA
School: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Major: BS Natural Resources Management Forestry

My goal in service rifle is to maintain a High Master status along with being Nationally known in all aspects of shooting as an adult.

"Where ever you are, be all there!"

Shawn Bharadwaj

Age: 20
Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Classification: Master
School: Sophomore at University of San Diego , doing Business & majoring in Finance

Interests: Aside from shooting, I enjoy playing the guitar, swimming, hiking and going to the beach. I love to read and have a large collection of books related to shooting among other things.

Goals: To become a High master and go Distinguished . I will be graduating this year from High School and want to go to the University of San Diego and study to become an engineer.

Kevin Tandoc

Age: 20
Hometown: Stevenson Ranch, CA
Classification: Nationally Distinguished Master
School: Sophmore at UC Irvine, Mechanical Engineering Major

Interests: Shooting, Hunting, video games, soccer and having fun.

Goals: Get a High Master card ASAP and win a XTC match at the BRRC.

Bradley Pappageorge

Age: 20
Hometown: Copperopolis, CA


Interests: Bradley is a die hard skier and in winter, if he's not on the range than he's on the slopes. This is his first year on the Grizzlies and went to Camp Perry for the first time this past August. He enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, shooting, skiing, and long walks on the beach! (haha) Bradley had a great time at Perry and it was a worth while trip for him and is very excited to be going back next year.

Jim Minturn

Classification: High Master/Marine Corp Distinguished Rifleman

Corporal US Marine Corps. Going to College and completed 60 units thus far towards getting his Bachelor's Degree. He is Marine Corp Distinguished Rifleman and wants to work eventually in law enforcement and encourage new people to shooting.

Anthony Henderson

Nationally Distinguished High Master

I graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in molecular cell & developmental biology. I work for Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc. as a research associate. I'm currently working on a vaccine project. I would like to see what is out there in other areas of biology such as wildlife & watershed management. This would be by continuing education or finding a job that would relate to my other interest. In my off time I enjoy hunting, fishing, of course shooting, biking, hiking and anything that is active.

Lauren White

I've been at Seven Sisters for almost 8 years, and have two small side jobs to help pay for rent and flight school. I got my pilots license in 2008, my instrument rating last year, and I'm finishing my commercial rating in three weeks. Once I have that I will be employable as a pilot, but I plan on obtaining my flight instructor rating to build hours and get out of the restaurant business. My goals are to establish a career in aviation and eventually move to the San Diego area. Other than that, I still play drums, shoot, and will look for any excuse to see live music. I miss my Grizzly family!

Blake Eames

Since leaving the California Grizzlies I have joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve in the summer of 2012. After my completion of training I began pursuing a degree in business management at Purdue University while also working towards an officer commission in the Marine Corps. The team, coaches, and everyone involved with the Grizzlies have given me immeasurable help in both military and educational aspects of my life. Without them I am positive I would still be the same immature 14 year old I was when I first stepped on the firing line. For those that are just starting the program (or life style I should say), my advice to you would be to buckle up and prepare for some of the most fun you will have in your adolescents. In no other sport will you find the atmosphere present in service rifle competition. Hold tight!